We provide wholesale, specialty and surplus lines insurance for a wide variety of industries, including contractors, locales, and dwellings. Here are some of the industries we cover:


Policies covering items such as framing of buildings, cabinet making or installation, and finishing woodwork.

Policies covering items such as placement or removal of plants, installation of sprinkler systems, lawn care and tree trimming.

Policies covering items such as interior/exterior painting for both commercial and residential properties.

Policies covering items such as residential and commercial roofing, including new roofing and repair or replacement roofing.

Policies covering items such as plumbers, HVAC, electricians, sheetrock installation, etc.

Policies covering items such as paper contractors as well as  insured/uninsured subcontractors and contractors working on new or remodeling residential and commercial projects.


Policies covering small and large shopping centers.

Policies covering commercial buildings rented to others.

Policies covering dine in or take out restaurants, with or without alcohol.

Policies covering salons, spas, and beauty shops with various amenities. 

Policies covering convenience stores.

Policies covering items such as fabrication of metal products according to a customer’s specs.

Policies covering churches and houses of worship.

Policies covering large and small event spaces, with events lasting a few hours to a few days.

Policies covering gift shops.

Policies covering clothing stores.

Policies covering food trucks.

Policies covering distributors.

Policies covering items such as liability and contents for office exposures.

Policies covering storage, staging, distribution, etc.

Policies covering properties that are simply vacant along with properties under renovation.


Policies covering single family, duplex, triplex, or fourplex properties rented to others.

Policies covering small apartment complexes, typically consisting of 20 units or less at a single location.

Policies including coverage for the association, liability, property and D&O.

Policies covering individual units owned and rented out to tenants.

Policies covering homes that are currently vacant.  They can be simply vacant or can be undergoing renovations.

Policies covering rentals used primarily for short term vacations – VRBO, AirBnB, etc.


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