Unique Coverage for a Unique Vendor

There are times when insurance policies aren’t as straightforward as a property or auto policy. And insurance agents are prepared for some curveballs from time to time, like a yacht policy.

But how do you cover snow cones?

Or, to be more specific, how do you quickly pull together a policy for a snow cone vendor?

Unique Commercial Lines Insurance

At Craig and Leicht, we always hear from insurance agents who have a client that needs an atypical policy. The agents we work with have a niche request—and they need it fulfilled fast.

One of our clients reached out to us because they were asked to develop a policy for a snow cone stand at an outdoor theater.

Regular customers know what they need, and unique vendors deserve the same speed and efficiency as typical policyholders. But we understand how baffling it can feel when you’re presented with something that seems challenging to flesh out a policy for.

That’s where we come in.

Small vendors and stands need general liability coverage for operations and property coverage for their stand, booth, or food truck.

General liability is often required for a small vendor to sell in a specific venue or place of business so that the venue isn’t responsible for loss or damage. The venue owner has to protect their place of business from all risk—even if it’s a temporary pop-up shop.

We offered general liability coverage and excess for the snow cone vendor at Miller Outdoor Theater. They needed $5m in coverage; we got them covered quickly.

The Process of Generating Unique Surplus Lines Insurance

It begins with a phone call from an insurance agent. They tell us about a submission they received and send us the details.

We review it, then determine whether we need any additional information to build the policy. If we do need more information, it’s usually industry-specific.

The more details we get, the faster we can pull together a policy. For example, for General Liability, we need building information such as gross sales, employee payroll, square footage, and subcontractor cost (if applicable).

Once we have all the information we need, we send a quote back to the insurance agent often within hours.

We understand the importance of speed in the insurance industry, so we believe unique coverage quotes shouldn’t take days or weeks to develop.

Smiles and Snow Cones for All

With our insurance agent looking for an atypical commercial lines insurance policy for a snow cone stand, we were proud to offer them a good price and a quick turnaround.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, our phone rings again, and we’re presented with a new challenge. So, if you’re thinking, “there’s no way there’s a policy for that,” give us a call. We cover weird.

We specialize in various industries, and we have the team to give you a quote quickly to serve insurance agents in need best. Our number is (713) 955-2130; let’s make you your client’s hero!


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